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Meet Our Staff


Linda and Fred Bachteler

Linda Bachteler-

Owner/Infant Teacher

Not only does she own the business, along with her husband Fred, but she is also the Infant Teacher. Together they raised a family of four children right here in Southampton and now have two grandchildren. She has attended both STCC &  Elms and really enjoys  working with young children. Her goal as a teacher and owner is to make this a great experience for all children and their families. 

Nicole Pagliaro -


Has been working at Peanuts since she was in High School. She first started as a Teacher's Aid in the Toddler classroom. She has since obtained her Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education from Bay Path University and most recently has become EEC Director I & II certified. She also has two children of her own.

Jennifer Lundrigan -

Infant Teacher

She returned to Peanuts in 2013 after working in the banking field for 10 years. She is Infant, Toddler and Preschool Teacher certified and is currently a teacher in the Infant room. Jenn also has four children of her own.

Mercedes Boutiette-

Infant Assistant

Has recently joined our team. She is working along-side Jenn as her assistant teacher in the infant classroom. Mercedes is currently attending Holyoke Community College to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Education.


Mary Belcamino- 

 Joined us in 2013 after having been a stay at home mom to her four children. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from Westfield State and ECE coursework through STCC. She is Infant/Toddler Lead teacher certified and works in our infant classroom.  

Mary Munson -


Has been working at Peanuts since May of 2004. She is Infant/Toddler and Preschool Teacher Certified, having taken classes at HCC. She spends time each day in all the classes and has enjoyed getting to know all of the children in the center and being part of their early years.   

Sarah Balicki

Pre-K Teacher

Has been with us for almost a year. She started out as a teacher in our toddler-preschool classroom and has now progressed to being the Teacher in our Pre-K classroom. She is currently attending Holyoke Community College and pursuing a degree in Early Education. She is very creative and is implementing many exciting new ways to prepare our four year olds for Kindergarten!

 Melissa Avis- Preschool Teacher

 Melissa has been working at Peanuts since May of 2015. She is our Preschool Teacher. She has a Bachelor's degree from UMASS and a background in Early Childhood Education having worked for five years at another childcare center. She has also worked as a paraprofessional for seven years in the Belchertown school system.

Elyssa Letourneau-

Elyssa is an assistant teacher in our Toddler and Toddler-Preschool classrooms. She is new to the Early Childhood field and is  currently attending HCC to pursue a degree in the Early Ed field. She is also a certified fitness trainer. 

Elissa Perrier-  

Toddler/Preschool Teacher

Elissa is a Teacher in our Toddler/Preschool classroom. She has recently returned to us after several years working for a family member's home daycare center. We have known Elissa since she started with us years ago, while in high school. We love her silliness and enthusiasm and are so excited to have her back!

Kayla Moore- 

Kayla is a Teacher in the Toddler-Preschool classroom with Elissa. She has been with us since she was in high school. Kayla is currently pursuing a degree in Early Education at Bay Path University and has two sons of her own.  

 Dani Viel-

Dani joined us in October of 2016. She is an assistant teacher who works with all age groups! Dani has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Arts in Teaching. She has worked for both Chicopee and Holyoke schools. Dani is working toward getting her DEEC certifications. 


Gabby Ludwig-

Toddler Teacher-   

Gabby is the Teacher in our Toddler Classroom. She has been with us for almost a year. She came to us with experience working at another childcare center. She enjoys working with infants and toddlers and plans to further her certification in the near future.

Mindy Talbot-

Mindy is also a Teacher in our toddler classroom with Gabby.  She joined us in September of 2016 and has many years of experience in the childcare field. She also has two sons of her own.


Megan Morrisette -

Assistant Toddler Teacher 

Megan works as an afternoon assistant teacher in  the toddler and toddler-preschool classrooms . She is currently attending Easthampton High School and participates in the Tiny Tot Program as well as Volley Ball. 


 Emily Cabana-

Toddler Assistant 

She works as an afternoon assistant teacher in our toddler and toddler preschool classrooms. Emily currently attends Easthampton High School.

Cassie Crouch- 

She is an assistant teacher in our toddler classroom and currently attends Easthampton High School. 

James Lundrigan- 

He is an assistant teacher in our Preschool classroom and currently attends Easthampton High School. 

Aleah Sutter- 

She has just joined us as an assistant teacher in our toddler and toddler-preschool classrooms. Aleah currently attends Smith Vocational High School.