Peanuts Daycare

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Infant Room

We believe infants are very special and should be treated with much love and affection. We strive to maintain a high-quality program for such a delicate age group of children. We have two separate rooms available for infants, which offer the appropriate space, equipment and toys that are so critical to child safety and development. We also offer a very qualified teaching team to facilitate each individual’s growth and development.

Our goals for the Infant Room are:

  •        To provide a warm, safe and secure environment for all.
  •       To work closely in partnership with each child’s family. Daily communication        and a sense of trust are vital.
  •         To help each child develop a positive sense of self. We recognize individual           differences and the importance of each person’s unique contribution to the             group.
  •         To foster a healthy social development by helping children to become aware         of each other, the group and their place in it, and how each person’s needs             can be met by harmonious cooperation.
  •         To help each child develop cognitively and intellectually by providing a rich           and varied experience from which each child can learn at his/her own pace.