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Preschool and Pre-Kingergarten

     The Preschool and Pre-K programs offers a child a centered approach to curriculum that encourages preschoolers to explore and discover their world. The curriculum is rich with activities, materials and equipment that work towards the children's growing understanding of themselves and their environment. The teachers work in a way to help children to learn to work together as a group. Children are encouraged to gain a sense of responsibility for themselves as individuals, for others in the class, and for their environment both in the classroom and out in the world. The development of positive self esteem, creativity, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills are all goals of our preschool programs.

     The preschool curriculum is also based on an "integrated core curriculum" in which a theme is used as a guide in the planning and development of each unit. The themes will vary by month and will incorporate activities that not only relate to the theme itself but will also include preschool concepts and curriculum areas, such as, music, art, science, movement, literature, pre-math concepts, pre-reading concepts, pre-writing concepts, use of scissors, how to hold a pencil/crayon/marker, use of glue, how to tear, fold and manipulate materials.

     Pre-math skills, including the recognition of numbers 1-20 will be introduced along with patterns, sorting, classifying, matching games, and an introduction to numeric concepts such as number recognition, size discrimination, weight discrimination and one-to-one correspondence.

     Language and cognitive skills will include the continuous growth of receptive and expressive vocabulary, the ability to understand concepts and these skills goals also can help express self using language in appropriate ways. Furthermore these skills will include the ability to identify and classify objects, people, pictures, etc. It also includes the ability to follow simple 2 and 3 step directions given in sequence, and the ability to use language to express needs, feelings, frustrations, difficulties, confusion, happiness, etc. This also means we will introduce the children to the joy of literature through helping them to develop skills to focus and concentrate when listening to a story, which will be followed up with activities that will help to enhance each child's comprehension skills.

     To help each child develop these skills, learning centers will be used in both the preschool and pre-k classes. These centers will include a writing area, dramatic play/housekeeping area, water/sand/sensory table, block area, manipulatives, games, music, math, science, and a computer station.

     By the end of the preschool/pre-k years the children should know their full name, address and phone number. They should be able to recognize and write their first name, they should be able to recognize all upper case letters and some lower case ones. They should begin to distinguish beginning consonant sounds, opposites, and directional concepts such as, over, under, behind, in front of, etc.