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Toddler/Preschool Room

     The toddler-preschool state continues to be one of constant change, rapid growth, and unbelievable developmental milestones. Our Toddler-Preschool Program helps children to follow a daily routine and schedule. The children are provided with age appropriate toys and materials that challenge their innate curiosity. They are encouraged to gain a sense of responsibility for themselves as individuals, for others in the class, and for their environment in the classroom. They are also encouraged to explore and discover their surroundings and how they fit into those surroundings. The Toddler-Preschool teachers work to foster group living while at the same time providing individual attention and love which all children require for their own sense of security and personal growth and development.

The curriculum is based on an "integrated core curriculum" in which a theme is used as a guide in the planning and development of each unit. The themes will vary by month and will incorporate activities that are not only related to the theme but will also relate to all aspects of the program, such as, art, reading, writing, science, math, fine and gross motor development, language development and the ability to learn to share and to get along with their peers and teachers in positive and constructive ways. All activities planned will be not only age appropriate and developmentally sound but will also challenge each child to reach the next milestone in their development. These activities will be process oriented with the emphasis on the process of creating, exploring, and working with many different materials and equipment. Children will be made to feel successful in whatever they are doing. Teachers will always be providing each child with the encouragement needed to take new risks and try new things.